Residential and Commercial Security Alarm systems provide you with peace of mind


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When it comes to protecting your home or business and the people you love, let Advanced Electric & Sound provide you with peace of mind.

When you turn out the light or lock the doors, let us help you feel confident you’re protected by a local company who understands your neighborhood, your needs, and your concerns. With intrusion alarm products like window and door alarms, motion alarms, and medical alert alarms, homeowners can leave their home knowing that it’s well protected.

$20 Monthly Monitoring with LIVE Responders

We’re a local company that doesn’t pay for national advertising campaigns. This allows us to charge less for monthly monitoring than our major national competitors while actually providing a more comprehensive security service with REAL monitoring and response.

Chico PD no longer sends officers to home security alarms!

But for our monthly service security monitoring clients in Chico, we respond when your alarm goes off, sending a security officer to check the property. We’ll verify false alarms and call Chico PD to respond immediately to a real threat to your property or family safety.

Prices for monthly monitoring with armed guard response for Chico residents starts at $20, with more advanced systems and service levels also available.

Security alarm systems reduce loss and shrinkage
for local businesses.

Get local company pricing with world-class service. We have a variety of plans and pricing options to meet most every need. We can provide you with a new commercial security system, or we can work with your existing system to provide monitoring at a lower monthly cost than big-name national services while closing any loopholes or blind spots in your security network.

  • Window & Door Alarms
  • Motion Alarms
  • Wireless Security Sensors
  • Cellular Backup
  • Smoke, Heat, Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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