Residential and Commercial Access Control


Keyless entry has proven to be a highly effective means for easily handling employee safety and turnover as well as protecting a company’s infrastructure from internal and external losses.


Access control security systems can provide detailed audit trail reporting, letting you know who went where—and when. In addition, a well-designed, installed and serviced access control system virtually eliminates re-keying with an employee departure or lost key. Our access control security solutions range from simple stand-alone entry-control business security systems to complex hosted systems with hundreds of card readers and multiple sites.


Residential homes can have access control incorporated into home automation for increased security.

It’s now easier than ever to ensure that you and your family have secure access to your home that keeps others OUT. With access on your smart phone or tablet, and keyless entry pads at the door, you can have easier access to your front door without fumbling for keys in the dark! These systems make lock-picking a thing of the past!

Access Control systems can be custom-designed for your unique home and unique needs – Advanced Electric and Sound does not use one-size-fits-all service packaging – just custom personal service to create a system that fits your exact needs.

No matter how small your business starts or how large it grows, we can design the access control systems you’ll need for now—and in the future.

  • Track, Grant or Deny the access of those entering your home or business
  • Automatic Unlocking of doors during business hours
  • Eliminate cost of re-keying or changing locks
  • Remote Access Management
  • Ability to set schedules for authorized access times